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As of this writing, 2.7 million Ukrainians have fled their home, under the most frightening conditions, many with only a suitcase. As they arrive, they will have a host of needs: hygiene, medical, mental health, legal assistance, protection from harm and exploitation.



ryan-breslow.eth will match the DAO 100% when the total ETH contributed reaches 100 ETH.'s CTO Daniel Coughlin will be speaking at Movement DAO's townhall on 3/17/22.

The Peace Movement DAO

The Peace Movement DAO's purpose is to fund life-saving assistance and support for Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people. The DAO will provide both immediate support as they are facing the onset of this humanitarian emergency and in the future as they rebuild their lives. The final section, "Possible Use of Proceeds", lists a number of activities which the DAO will vote on as funds become available.

Contributors to the Peace Movement will be rewarded with a unique "Peace-themed generative NFT" for Ethereum donations in increments of $1000, of which the first 1000 NFTs will be allocated. Additionally, based on demand, contributors have their choice of Polygon, Ethereum, or Tezos to claim their rewards. The Peace Movement is launching on the Ethereum Juicebox Protocol v1.1. Previous deployment on Polygon has been paused and will not continue to avoid confusion.

While the initial generative Peace NFTs will be airdropped to contributors, Peace Movement plans on releasing curated sets of music NFTs on multiple platforms available only to Peace Movement DAO members. Subsequent NFT generative collections will be proposed by the community and curated by the nominated Peace Movement leadership. The Peace Movement has agreed to provide 15% of its treasury to the Movement DAO as contribution to its endowment.

The Movement DAO

Charities & governments can be highly inefficient. Money goes towards high salaries, rent and "general expenses." Movement DAO removes the overhead. Capital directly funds initiatives and experienced leaders help to manage where & how capital is deployed.

Movement DAO was created on February 2nd, 2022 at and its corresponding Gnosis to empower the collective via Web3 tooling, programmable treasuries, defi, and unwavering passion to change the world for the better. The vehicle for such change are Movements. The DAO has been active in expanding both the community's online forums and key development projects to further this objective. A unique aspect of Movements is in the requirement for the community to nominate leaders. Leaders are responsible for conveying community wishes and attaching reputation to actions.

Operations and development efforts are underway for governance, including the ongoing engineering activities and contributions to the Juicebox Protocol v2, extensions to the protocol, and collaborations.


In pursuit of Peace Movement DAO's interest to fund support for Ukrainian refugees, community member Daniel Coughlin has volunteered to provide advice and insights on the social sector and humanitarian work as the community requires. Mr. Coughlin has 10 years of experience in the humanitarian sector and serves as the Director of Data Insights, Systems, and Architecture at the International Rescue Committee.

Multi-Signature Treasury

As the communities are bootstrapping themselves, Movement DAO and any affiliated movements will adopt Juicebox Treasury Protocol for starting and operating the Peace Movement DAO. The Movement DAO endowment will remain in the Gnosis until a platform is secured for Movements to operate, which is expected to be after the Juicebox v2 deployments, estimated to be at the end of May 2022.

The following individuals are the initial signers on the peace.movedao.eth Gnosis multisig and tankbottoms.eth has agreed to act on the communities behalf with regards to administering any accounts which are incompatible with Gnosis.

  • natash-pankina.eth
  • ryantakesoff.eth
  • alexfine.eth
  • jimmyethworld.eth
  • tankbottoms.eth
  • pillowfightclub.eth
  • dao-lawfirm.eth

Please review the following Token Sale and Use to understand the role of the PEACE token.

Possible Use of Proceeds

Possible use of proceeds which the contributors will decide include the following:

$100,000 could ensure that a population displaced by crisis is able to access accurate and timely information about their rights and available services via their mobile phones.

$125,000 could support ten Women and Girls’ Centers for 12 months, ensuring crisis-affected women and girls can safely access vital information, counseling, psychosocial support and referrals to medical care and other services, as needed.

$150,000 could provide 2,500 women and girls with “dignity kits” containing soap, feminine hygiene products, clean undergarments, and flashlights to protect the health, safety and dignity of women and girls in emergency settings.

$200,000 could rehabilitate, supply and staff four Outpatient Therapeutic Feeding Centers for 12 months, providing lifesaving care for up to 1,000 children under age five suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

$250,000 could provide protection support, such as psychosocial counseling and legal guidance, to approximately 1,200 people.

$350,000 could provide education for up to 1,200 primary school students for one year.

$400,000 could help provide accurate, coordinated, and responsive information services in key border areas, in city centers, and around key transit hubs, including bus and train stations to help approximately 100,000 displaced people.

$500,000 could help 3,000 refugees navigate the complex U.S. legal system and help them attain U.S. citizenship.

$600,000 could provide multipurpose cash assistance to 3,000 families in an emergency, enabling them to meet their most urgent and basic needs in the first three months and avoid putting themselves or their children at risk of exploitation or abuse.